Electronics contract production

The enterprise JSC "Izmeritel" offers the service of electronics contract production.

JSC "Izmeritel" offers the service of electronics contract production and takes them by phone: +375(29)511-96-51, +375(214)58-41-21 or by e-mail: office@izmeritel.org.

The team of experienced specialists provides: 

  1. Surface SMD-assembly of printed circuit boards;
  2. Manual assembly of printed circuit boards;
  3. The assembly of the batch of printed circuit boards of any volume;
  4. The development and production of prototypes and finished products;
  5. Checking the quality of manufactured products;
  6. Packing and delivering.

The modern equipment from TWS Automation and Zencha are used in producing. That allows manufacturing qualitative boards using lead-free technology. 

Order the service of electronic contract production in JSC "Izmeritel" by phone: +375(29)511-96-51, +375(214)58-41-21 or by e-mail: office@izmeritel.org.



Examples of finished products: