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Mechanical treatment of metals

JSC “Izmeritel” provides the services for machining of metals and manufacturing of dies and molds.

JSC "Izmeritel" provides the services in the mechanical treatment of metals and production of stamps and molds and takes your orders by phone: +375(214)58-78-44, +375(214)58-41-21 or by e-mail:

Qualified specialists fulfill:

  • Milling processing on CNC machines and universal milling machines within 1000x500x780;
  • Turning to process on CNC machines and universal turning machines within: piece stock up to Ø220, bar through spindle to Ø38;
  • Turning to process on longitudinal turning machines: bars up to Ø16;
  • Manufacturing of tooling dies, molds according to the customer’s design documentation or with the development of design documentation on the technical task (they can also work with customer acceptance, fulfill defense orders);
  • Electrical discharge machining;
  • Stamping.

The following equipment is used in work:



Metal cutting equipment


Press equipment


Foundry equipment


Welding equipment


Electroplating equipment


Thermal equipment


Order the service of mechanical treatment of metals in JSC "Izmeritel" by phone: +375(214)58-78-44, +375(214)58-41-21 or by e-mail:

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