The controller of dispenser КДУ

The controller of dispenser КДУ by JSC "Izmeritel"

The controller of dispenser КДУ

The controller of the dispenser КДУ is used in the gas flow regulators of the power drives of the gas turbine plants of: 

  • Gas-pumping, gas-lift, booster compressor stations.
  • The stations of underground gas storages.
  • Oil-pumping units and other equipment. 

The controller provides the control of the stepper motor, which is the part of a control dispenser. A control process depends on the control signal and the signal from the linear displacement sensor, which is included in the control dispenser. 


The type of the dispenser - ЛДТ-818, 15Д16, 17Д16 The type of the stepper motor - 2ДШР116-2,5,5-1,8УХЛ-4 The time of complete re-laying of the dispenser needle - no more than 0,3 sec The main power supply is a single-phase network with a voltage of 150...240 V, a frequency of 50 Hz Standby power supply - constant current source 27+/-3D Maximum power consumption - no more than 600 W Digital control via RS-485 interface The accurancy of positioning the needle of the dispenser is not worse than 0.05% Overal dimensions - 310X220X180 mm Weight - no more than 8 kg