The electronic pedal ПЭ-35-02

The electronic pedal ПЭ-35-02 by JSC "Izmeritel".

The electronic pedal ПЭ-35-02

The pedal ПЭ-35-02 controls the fuel supply in the microprocessor power supply system of diesel engines Euro-3, Euro-4 and higher standards. Non-contact Hall sensors are used in the magnetic system of this pedal. These sensors are more reliable than resistive sensors. 

The pedal is made with different angles of inclination to the installation surface. This circumstance gives a customer the opportunity of choosing the most suitable option. 

The well-thought-out design of the pedal allows: 

  1. Improving the accuracy of controlling process.
  2. Excluding kinematics, friction in bearings, backlash, and hysteresis.
  3. Increasing the level of automatization in the process of fuel injection. 
  4. Placing it in the car's cabin conveniently. 

Power supply from the engine control unit - 5V Operating temperature range - from -40 to +60°С The angle of the electronic pedal tilt to the horizontal surface is 35 ± 2 Working stroke - 18°