The position sensor ДП-01

This sensor is a typical part of an electro-hydraulic hitch control

The position sensor ДП-01

The non-contact position sensor ДП-01 is used for operating in the control systems of the hinged devices of mobile machines

The sensor fixes the lifting height of a hinged device. The measurement is held through the non-contact interaction between the sensor ДП-01 and the cam, which is installed on the swivel shaft of a hinged device. The cam creates the conditions for the linear dependence of the sensor output signal from the movement of the hinged device of a tractor. 

The sensor ДП-01 is not a measurement instrument. 


The power supply voltage of the sensor is (9.5 ± 0.15) V Sensor mounting - any position Operating temperature range is from -40 to + 85 ° С