The software and hardware of the "СИРИУС"

The software and hardware of the "СИРИУС" by JSC "Izmeritel"

The software and hardware of the "СИРИУС"

The software and hardware of the "СИРИУС" is a geographically distributed SCADA-system for dispatch and process control of energy consumption in different spheres. The system helps to manage the work of: 

  • Pipelines (gas, oil, etc.).
  • The objects of a city water canal and electric transport.
  • Heating systems.
  • The objects of city networks.
  • The energy resources of large industrial enterprises.

In addition, the system allows holding environmental monitoring. 

The system "СИРИУС" consists of several individual components. They can be used in any combinations depending on the assigned task. The following devices are included in the base of the system "СИРИУС":

  1. A personal computer and the basic controller "МИКОНТ". They are installed in control centers with the microprocessor units of the top-level equipment. 
  2. The microprocessor controller "САТЕЛЛИТ" and "МИКОНТ-М". The controller is installed to control centers with the submodules of the low-level equipment. 

The block БУЭ-01, which is the submodule of the low-level equipment, is included in the controller "САТЕЛЛИТ" or "МИКОНТ-М". The blocks БУЭ-01 and  БУЭ-02 are designed for the collection, processing, and display of energy consumption data. These blocks allow passing the calculated parameters to the dispatch center for electricity metering. 

"СИРИУС" helps to improve consumer electrical power supply, to settle electricity records in enterprises and residential areas. The information from the system optimizes a manager's decisions and strengthens the control of the consumed energy.